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Made Man
Developer: Silverback Studios
Publisher: Mastertronic
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Action, Third-Person
Platforms: PC, Playstation 2
Total Files: 8
Total Downloads: 14,912

Made Man is a third person action adventure that follows Joey Verola as he is indoctrinated into, and progresses through, the hierarchy of the most notorious crime organization in history; the Mafia. The storyline spans three decades of his life, from the horror of Vietnam to the urban jungle of Brooklyn, but it avoids the clichéd chronological constraints of many other games. Made Man has a very strong plot, with the missions written by best selling authority on the Mafia, David Fisher. David’s collaboration with retired Mafia caporigieme Bill Bonanno, a senior member of the Bonanno crime family, has ensured that each career step and mission is based upon authentic Mafia incidents. The involvement of these authorities gives an authenticity to the content of the game and also presents a considerable marketing opportunity.

Latest Files
Added: 2007-04-12 | Downloads: 1,846

Added: 2007-03-26 | Downloads: 1,857

Added: 2007-03-14 | Downloads: 1,733

Added: 2007-02-12 | Downloads: 1,770

Added: 2007-01-22 | Downloads: 1,738

Added: 2007-01-19 | Downloads: 1,845

Added: 2006-10-16 | Downloads: 1,884

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